Server Rules
  • All our servers are PvE.
  • Be respectful to other players.
  • Absolutely zero-tolerance for racial and other offensive slurs. This includes joking about it.
  • PvP is ONLY allowed if BOTH sides agree on it, includes raiding (Tribe War).
  • Griefing and stealing is strictly prohibited (i.e. killing people or their dinosaurs, dropping wildlife into bases etc.).
  • Do not block Metal/Obsidian/Crystal/Oil/Salt resource nodes.
  • Do not block/build anywhere near Beaver dams or Deinonychus nests.
  • Empty Beaver dams fully (not just take what you want).
  • Unlock Oil/Gas Collector.
  • Pick up taming traps not close to your base after use. Wyvern traps must be unlocked.
  • Building bases inside or blocking access to caves containing loot/resources/artifacts are NOT allowed and if found they will be demolished. (Bridges and helpful buildings while caving is allowed).
  • Don't build huge pipesystems, use ss intake to get water.
  • Don't build too close to other players without prior agreement.
  • Use NV Tek Forcefield in public mode if safeguarding resources.
Online Players